so like this netbook will be taken away till i get my lappie back which is 3 frigging weeks time. till then i will have no source of internet unless an ipad were to fall into my arms or a lappie were to show up at my doorstep.

currently craving for chilli crab now so please please those who know where i stay please cook for me. im sho hungry and boyfie is gone to god knows where and im all alone till sunday.

i cant go for tuition today cause my stupid auntie lah ask me go her house all. ma'fan. so annoying somemore weather so hot haiyo!

stuck in my house today and tomorrow cause boyfie forbid me to go out all scared i kena kidnap. see lah. dont blame my utter laziness but blame that boy the raja muhd ifwat bin mas'at. haiyo.

i want to go shopping but pay wont come till like the end of may! huhu sad broke girl. no money no honey. all nothing. no lappie somemore how how!

okay shall force my sister to clean up my room so i can start studying all those due homework, tests, quiz, project. dont know what else. haiz. netbook please dont go. i hate my auntie take my netbook away.

i miss rugby boy. misses you hell loads. see lah go poly forget me already.

wont be blogging in awhile so dont bother checking. if you have my facebook then i will tell if i have done an update.till then i guess i will patiently rot at home while baby is gone till sunday. i want sakunthala! haiz. okthanxbai!

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