so like this netbook will be taken away till i get my lappie back which is 3 frigging weeks time. till then i will have no source of internet unless an ipad were to fall into my arms or a lappie were to show up at my doorstep.

currently craving for chilli crab now so please please those who know where i stay please cook for me. im sho hungry and boyfie is gone to god knows where and im all alone till sunday.

i cant go for tuition today cause my stupid auntie lah ask me go her house all. ma'fan. so annoying somemore weather so hot haiyo!

stuck in my house today and tomorrow cause boyfie forbid me to go out all scared i kena kidnap. see lah. dont blame my utter laziness but blame that boy the raja muhd ifwat bin mas'at. haiyo.

i want to go shopping but pay wont come till like the end of may! huhu sad broke girl. no money no honey. all nothing. no lappie somemore how how!

okay shall force my sister to clean up my room so i can start studying all those due homework, tests, quiz, project. dont know what else. haiz. netbook please dont go. i hate my auntie take my netbook away.

i miss rugby boy. misses you hell loads. see lah go poly forget me already.

wont be blogging in awhile so dont bother checking. if you have my facebook then i will tell if i have done an update.till then i guess i will patiently rot at home while baby is gone till sunday. i want sakunthala! haiz. okthanxbai!
on repeat. cheryl cole is undeniably hot.
just came back from polyclinic and found myself another two days mc. which mean i might as well just stay at home and rest till im all fresh on next tuesday when i come back to school. i dont feel so good. my nose is probably twice its normal size now. my head hurts and all i want to eat is ice cream now. like ben and jerrys or something. was looking forward to phi kinder bueno but didnt managed to come to school today. im sick and tired of wearing a mask and looking like some sick bitch in the clinic and im sick of medicine. i miss my friends. i want to see the exchange kids and i miss just being healthy and smiling and running around all day.

i was thinking about what i should do with the money im getting when daddy gives me the cash. 
  • i want to buy high waist jeans
  • i want to buy wedges and heels.
  • i want to go sentosa.
  • i want to go overseas with baby, maybe to bintan.
  • i want my htc touch pro 2.
  • i want to buy something for my baby.
  • i want to take aishah out for girls day out.
  • i want to meet chantale

see.... i want to do all of these things but still must have patience. must be super sweet to daddy nowadays. i want all this to happen.

just found out that i cannot meet baby today. great. perfect.
there better be something nice to make up for today. if not im going to be chucky mood.
love is asleep which leaves me with no nitenite today. haiz its okay to those who are reading it please wish me nitenite. how i wish all this flu and fever and throat pain would go away. seriously its bugging me to bits. 

i can't eat properly. im hoping to lose weight by cutting down on junk food and stuff. sstarts tomorrow! im eating fruits and stuff like that. my lovelies always advise me to drink loads of water. to those who are having flu please do so cause all this freaking mucus is draining your water content in your body.

where did i get all this sickness from? from moi love he was sick first then pass on to me. sad case. but i think he is feeling much better now see sleep so early and im here wasting tissues.
(went off to grab more tissues after typing this....)

ok im back. so like i have many many tests that i didnt sit for this week. mob test and 2 accts test. im taking mob test tmw but i doubt i can take it since i havent even freaking studied for it. try doing this all with tissues sticking out of your nostrils and if you still get an A for it. doubt so.

ok now i cant stop typing. im done with the indonesian drama on youtube, jelita. all frigging 57 episodes like finally. now i can finally start studying. ok maybe not today. tmw. hee. ok till this stupid sickness goes away.

sorry i didnt blog yesterday. was too weak and on 6 drugs so im afraid i might type stupid stuff like how much i.... hee aint going tell you.

okie im done i just down a carton of nutrisoy and all set for bed. nitenite loves. and resha please wake up. i want to sleep first before you!! 
munching on yummy chocolate tarts while blogging!
so today was supposedly the draggy monday morning but i woke up and decided to go polyclinic.

met love at his place and bought yummy yumkins breakfast!
ate our fill and headed to polyclinic to get our well deserved mc! hehe i was like having the flu bug and love was sneezing non-stop and his body was super warm. cck polyclinic was killer lah. spent 2 hours there. 

when it was my turn to visit the doctor, he told me i had throat infection. was so shocked! then he said, "omg you look pale".

i thought i had some disease like cancer or something i was really scared. then he told me to take loads of water and sweetly gave me 2 days mc. thanks!

then had dinner with zaki and love and ate our fill AGAIN hehehehe.

boys bought donuts and me got some choc tarts! effing yums!
took car home and im like falling asleep typing. ok off for a nap and left with 25 more episodes of jelita! woowoo we can do this!

happy monday! meeting love tomorrow again! hahax!
*hehe macam tak cukup sey!
hee guess pictures speaks a thousand words. im just a happy girl today :)
happy 7th birthday shahqilah! hope that you love the presents and will grow up to be a smart and beautiful girl. we will always love you sister. study hard and keep on smiling. i love you many2.
hahax im no noob okay i can master this weebly site in just one saturday! lets start with something that can make you guys stay tuned to this site.
my dad is in the hospital now