just came back from polyclinic and found myself another two days mc. which mean i might as well just stay at home and rest till im all fresh on next tuesday when i come back to school. i dont feel so good. my nose is probably twice its normal size now. my head hurts and all i want to eat is ice cream now. like ben and jerrys or something. was looking forward to phi kinder bueno but didnt managed to come to school today. im sick and tired of wearing a mask and looking like some sick bitch in the clinic and im sick of medicine. i miss my friends. i want to see the exchange kids and i miss just being healthy and smiling and running around all day.

i was thinking about what i should do with the money im getting when daddy gives me the cash. 
  • i want to buy high waist jeans
  • i want to buy wedges and heels.
  • i want to go sentosa.
  • i want to go overseas with baby, maybe to bintan.
  • i want my htc touch pro 2.
  • i want to buy something for my baby.
  • i want to take aishah out for girls day out.
  • i want to meet chantale

see.... i want to do all of these things but still must have patience. must be super sweet to daddy nowadays. i want all this to happen.

just found out that i cannot meet baby today. great. perfect.
there better be something nice to make up for today. if not im going to be chucky mood.

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