munching on yummy chocolate tarts while blogging!
so today was supposedly the draggy monday morning but i woke up and decided to go polyclinic.

met love at his place and bought yummy yumkins breakfast!
ate our fill and headed to polyclinic to get our well deserved mc! hehe i was like having the flu bug and love was sneezing non-stop and his body was super warm. cck polyclinic was killer lah. spent 2 hours there. 

when it was my turn to visit the doctor, he told me i had throat infection. was so shocked! then he said, "omg you look pale".

i thought i had some disease like cancer or something i was really scared. then he told me to take loads of water and sweetly gave me 2 days mc. thanks!

then had dinner with zaki and love and ate our fill AGAIN hehehehe.

boys bought donuts and me got some choc tarts! effing yums!
took car home and im like falling asleep typing. ok off for a nap and left with 25 more episodes of jelita! woowoo we can do this!

happy monday! meeting love tomorrow again! hahax!
*hehe macam tak cukup sey!

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