love is asleep which leaves me with no nitenite today. haiz its okay to those who are reading it please wish me nitenite. how i wish all this flu and fever and throat pain would go away. seriously its bugging me to bits. 

i can't eat properly. im hoping to lose weight by cutting down on junk food and stuff. sstarts tomorrow! im eating fruits and stuff like that. my lovelies always advise me to drink loads of water. to those who are having flu please do so cause all this freaking mucus is draining your water content in your body.

where did i get all this sickness from? from moi love he was sick first then pass on to me. sad case. but i think he is feeling much better now see sleep so early and im here wasting tissues.
(went off to grab more tissues after typing this....)

ok im back. so like i have many many tests that i didnt sit for this week. mob test and 2 accts test. im taking mob test tmw but i doubt i can take it since i havent even freaking studied for it. try doing this all with tissues sticking out of your nostrils and if you still get an A for it. doubt so.

ok now i cant stop typing. im done with the indonesian drama on youtube, jelita. all frigging 57 episodes like finally. now i can finally start studying. ok maybe not today. tmw. hee. ok till this stupid sickness goes away.

sorry i didnt blog yesterday. was too weak and on 6 drugs so im afraid i might type stupid stuff like how much i.... hee aint going tell you.

okie im done i just down a carton of nutrisoy and all set for bed. nitenite loves. and resha please wake up. i want to sleep first before you!! 

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